Compensation 🤑

$100,000 to $180,000+ USD & .3% Stock Options

Let's start with why we exist. 📡

Ever wondered if your employer is monitoring your work computer?

At Fleet, we think it's time device management went open source.

Why should you join us? 🛸

  • Work from anywhere with good internet. (We're 100% remote. No office. No commute.) Everyone works remote, but you don't feel remote. There is no "headquarters". You are free to travel and move.
  • Fleet can offer you a competitive salary, significant equity, and an independent, outsider-friendly culture. Work with helpful, kind, and motivated people who know what they're doing.
  • At Fleet, we value focus, iteration, and meaningful results – not 60 hour work weeks. We are non-judgmental and laser-focused on growing the company.
  • Work closely with experienced, well-funded founders and a great team, including the people who created osquery ( and Sails ( We care about openness and transparency.
  • Work computers can be private and safe. Help make endpoint monitoring less intrusive and more transparent.
  • Protect the production servers and employee laptops of Earth's largest companies. Work on a product used by lots of people who care about what you do.
  • Fleet is growing quickly, with significant revenue from Fortune 1000 customers. You will have lots of opportunities to make decisions, learn, and try new things.

Your primary responsibilities 🔭

Your #1 goal is to help Fleet proactively identify and resolve performance and reliability issues in the Fleet server and osquery daemon.

    • Build and improve tooling to spin up Fleet in the cloud and generate load from actual and simulated osquery daemons.
    • Utilize and improve metrics, monitoring, and debugging tools to identify performance bottlenecks in the Fleet server.
    • Communicate with internal engineering teams to drive fixes to resolution.
    • Work with Fleet customers and open source users to better understand and replicate real-world deployments internally.

      Are you our new teammate? 🧑‍🚀

        • Prior experience (4+ years) as a Software, Site Reliability, Chaos, or Performance Engineer, or as a Database Administrator.
        • Work hours overlap significantly with North/South America timezones.
        • Track record of identifying and fixing problems in complex software systems.
        • Familiarity with major cloud providers.
        • Familiarity with database monitoring and optimization, especially MySQL.
        • Nice to have: Experience with Go (Golang), MySQL, and Redis.
        • Nice to have: Experience working in open-source communities

        See also our Backend (Go) Software Engineer role.