Let's start with why we exist. πŸ“‘

Ever wondered if your employer is monitoring your work computer?

At Fleet, we think it's time device management went open source.

Why should you join us? πŸ›Έ

  • Work from anywhere with good internet. (We're 100% remote. No office. No commute.) Everyone works remote, but you don't feel remote. There is no "headquarters". You are free to travel and move.
  • Fleet can offer you a competitive salary, significant equity, and an independent, outsider-friendly culture. Work with helpful, kind, and motivated people who know what they're doing.
  • At Fleet, we value focus, iteration, and meaningful results – not 60 hour work weeks. We are non-judgmental and laser-focused on growing the company.
  • Work closely with experienced, well-funded founders and a great team, including the people who created osquery and Sails. We care about openness and transparency.
  • Work computers can be private and safe. Help make endpoint monitoring less intrusive and more transparent.
  • Protect the production servers and employee laptops of Earth's largest companies. Work on a product used by lots of people who care about what you do.
  • Fleet is growing quickly, with significant revenue from Fortune 1000 customers. You will have lots of opportunities to make decisions, learn, and try new things.

Your primary responsibilities πŸ”­

Your top priority is to ensure the technical success of MDM features within Fleet’s product offering. You'll work collaboratively with business, product, and engineering stakeholders to implement new features efficiently and to specification. Manage daily Scrum process to maintain business alignment and ensure consistent delivery of product features.

  • Lead a team of full-stack software engineers writing open-source code in Go and React.
  • Support customers and users using software your team built at organizations you’ve heard of.
  • Work with Fleet’s product team, customers, and the broader open-source community to envision and deliver improved IT and security workflows.
  • Collaborate with product and engineering to refine wireframes, user stories, and development tasks.
  • Identify gaps in requirements and opportunities to reduce scope while delivering business value.
  • Optimize velocity and throughput by maintaining accurate requirements and efficient development and code review processes.
  • Prioritize development tasks, bugs, and technical debt to consistently deliver valuable features while maintaining product stability.
  • Support the career growth of team members through mentorship and continuous feedback.
  • Hire and retain software engineers by building a positive culture of engineering excellence.

      Are you our new teammate? πŸ§‘β€πŸš€

      The ideal candidate could act as a tech lead manager, spending some of their time managing the team, and some of their time developing and evangelizing osquery and Fleet's other agent software.

      • πŸ”©You have experience managing high-output remote engineering teams.
      • πŸ—£οΈ You have excellent written and oral communication skills.
      • πŸ¦‰ You have 4+ years of experience as an engineer and 1+ years as an engineering manager (or equivalent).
      • πŸ‘ You can help craft and implement a vision for how Fleet and osquery can improve the experience of IT admins, security teams, and the end-users of computing devices.
      • βž• Bonus: Experience working in and leading open-source communities.
      • βž• Bonus: Interest in contributing directly to the community via code, written content, and conference presentations.
      • βž• Bonus: Experience with system APIs and packaging in one or more of macOS, Linux, and Windows.
      • βž• Bonus: Knowledge of MDM products/APIs on macOS and Windows.
      • βž• Bonus: Familiarity with IT operations, system administration, or cybersecurity.