Let's start with why we exist. πŸ“‘

Ever wondered if your employer is monitoring your work computer?

At Fleet, we think it's time device management went open source.

Why should you join us? πŸ›Έ

  • Work from anywhere with good internet. (We're 100% remote. No office. No commute.) Everyone works remote, but you don't feel remote. There is no "headquarters". You are free to travel and move.
  • Fleet can offer you a competitive salary, significant equity, and an independent, outsider-friendly culture. Work with helpful, kind, and motivated people who know what they're doing.
  • At Fleet, we value focus, iteration, and meaningful results– not 60 hour work weeks. We are non-judgmental and laser-focused on growing the company.
  • Work closely with experienced, well-funded founders and a great team, including the people who created osquery (osquery.io) and Sails (sailsjs.com). We care about openness and transparency.
  • Work computers can be private and safe. Help make endpoint monitoring less intrusive and more transparent.
  • Protect the production servers and employee laptops of Earth's largest companies. Work on a product used by lots of people who care about what you do.
  • Fleet is growing quickly, with significant revenue from Fortune 1000 customers. You will have lots of opportunities to make decisions, learn, and try new things.

Your primary responsibilities πŸ”­

We are looking for a product person with design experience to join and help the Fleet product iterate towards its overarching job to be done:

"I need a way to see what laptops and servers I have, and what I need to do to keep them secure and compliant."

  • Design new features for Fleet’s web application and desktop application.
  • Own the outcome of product objectives from communicating the β€œwhy?,” to designing new features, to shipping improvements, to collecting feedback.
  • Conduct conversations with users and customers to understand the problems they’re experiencing at work.
  • Write documentation, marketing website, and blogpost copy to clearly communicate which problems the Fleet product solves and which problems it doesn’t.

    Are you our new teammate? πŸ§‘β€πŸš€

    • πŸ”© You are competent with the essentials of markdown syntax and GitHub's web user interface. You use issue trackers and other worthwhile processes to get more meaningful work done.
    • πŸ—£οΈ You have great written and oral communication skills, especially in English.
    • πŸ₯ You appreciate the value of a good digital user experience and consistent design, and you will contribute iteratively to that where you can.
    • πŸ“š You can curiously learn new things, come up with ideas, and apply existing standards.
    • πŸ¦‰ You have experience as a product designer or technical product manager.
    • πŸ¦‰ You have experience creating user interface (UI) wireframes in Figma or a similar interface design tool.
    • πŸ¦‰ You have experience writing code using a frontend framework such as React or Vue.js and comfort with DOM fundamentals.
    • βž• Bonus: Experience designing REST APIs.
    • βž• Bonus: Experience organizing product work into predictable and repeatable cycles.
    • βž• Bonus: Experience measuring feature adoption and usage.